The business plan competition “Vodafone Idea of the Year 2017” is announced by the Faculty of Business Administration of University of Economics (VŠE) in Prague and organised by Podpora rozvoje podnikání s.r.o. (Association of Enterprise Support Ltd.). The mission of the competition is to support innovative, entrepreneurial projects.

The timeline (including the deadline for the applications) will be available for the extent of the competition’s duration on the official website. The application form and other necessary documents needed for the preparation of the project are also at your disposal in their updated version on our website

The announcement of the competition results will take place in accordance with the timeline at a place determined by the organisers on the website of the competition. Material prizes will be awarded at the ceremony and all authors of the individual projects will be invited. The results will be available also on the website.


Any natural person, self-employed or legal person (including foreigners) may become a contestant in the competition as long as she or he agrees to the terms and conditions of competition stated in the application form available on the competition’s website. Each applicant interested in becoming a contestant in the competition has to fill in the application and submit it by deadline specified on the timeline.

Competitors may not be interested in personally putting the project into practice.

Each applicant interested in participating in the contest will obtain a confirmation of delivery email once organisers of the competition receive the applicant’s data of registration and process them.

The competition is also open to individuals or groups with enterprising spirits and good ideas. It is possible to register any business plan, idea for business enlargement or project for investors that has not been put in practice so far or that has not been introduced to the market for more than two years at the time of the sending of application form.


The selection of TOP 30 semi-final projects from the total number of received projects is bases on the  evaluation carried out by an expert committee consisting of four jurors.

The TOP 30 projects are thereafter evaluated by an expert panel of jurors announced in its current constitution on the competition’s website.

Projects are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Feasibility of project – 35%
  • Potential for further development – 15%

  • Originality of project – 20%
  • Quality of the project processing – 30%
  • Personality of entrepreneur – evaluation will take place in the final round

The organisation of the evaluation procedure falls solely within the jurors’ scope of authority.  Jurors may request a personal presentation and a discuss it with the proposers.


The prizes will be awarded to winners according to their final ranking. It is not possible to make a legal claim to awards or to enforce a change of competition results by legal action. The panel of judges reserves the right not to assign all awards. The panel of judges is the only competent evaluator of all projects and only on the basis of its assessment, prizes are awarded. The decision of the panel is final and without appeal.


In case of competitors´ interest, projects will be subsequently presented to individual investors. The extent and form of potential cooperation between the competitor and the investors depends on their agreement. It is possible that projects that have not qualified for the final round will be financed.


The organiser of the competition is obligated to ensure that all individuals that come into contact with registered projects will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to guarantee the protection of ideas from misuse by a third party.


The organiser of competition reserves the right to change the terms and conditions regarding the competition and the awards. The organiser will try to answer all questions in case of doubts. All questions not addressed by these terms and conditions or that haven't been foreseen, will be dealt with by the organiser and their validity will be determined.

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