Vodafone Idea of the Year 2017 competition is open to all students, the general public, as well as businesses, and anyone has a chance to succeed regardless of their previous entrepreneurial experience. The only condition is that the registered project must not have been put in practice for a longer period of time than two years. Every registered project will obtain feedback from our jurors, experienced entrepreneurs and investors, in addition to two e-books from the company.

The deadline for the submission of all applications is the May 10th 2017.


  • Completed application form (via website)
  • Teaser (if you are striving for investments then attach a teaser to your application which will be sent to investors directly.)
  • PowerPoint presentation (14 predefined slides) Download presentation. The presentation serves as the basis for evaluating projects by the jurors. It is not based on an actual oral presentation. You can adjust the graphics and insert photographs, however we recommend you focusing on the textual content of the project, as to keep it comprehensible to the jurors.
  • Structured Business Plan (ranging from 10 to 20 pages, the content is what matters – not its length, minimum number of pages is not set)
  • Team Video (cannot be longer than 30 seconds, maximum size -20 MB in video format avi, mov, mpeg, wma, wmv. This is a recorded video that focuses on presenting your team -and the individuals behind the project. You should demonstrate your skills and professional experience in the field of activity. Please do not describe your product or your service! Focus on the content, not on the form of the video. The production of the video is not of value to us – it can be produced in an inexpensive and quick fashion.)


  1. Fill in the application form via the web interface on the website by clicking on the button “Register Project”.
  2. The Application as well as all the other documents may be prepared in Czech or in English .
  3. Prepare a teaser, a PowerPoint presentation, a structured business plan in .doc or .pdf format named “Surname_Project” and a team video. A specific structure of the business plan is not set.
  4. Upload your files one-by-one. Always wait for the required file to be completely saved before uploading another one. Please respect the specified format of the video (avi, mov, mpeg, wma, wmv) and its maximum size (20 MB).
  5. Submit your application with all required attachments (PowerPoint presentation, business plan, team video, and additional files) via web interface no later than 23:59, May 10th 2017.

If it is not possible to submit your files via web interface, then please complete your application without uploading the files. Send the files to Upload your video to a file sharing website and send the link through email. We will be happy to answer any questions at


  • Your participation in the competition will not cost you anything – it is free of charge.
  • Number of registered projects per person is not limited.
  • At the time of enrolment, the registered project must not have been put in practice for a longer period of time than two years.
  • Please pay careful attention to the layout of the project as well as to the columns in the application form which refer to the project’s description. The information provided will be the primary material for investors.

If you have any other questions please contact us at

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