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The tenth annual competition Vodafone Idea of the Year 2017 is organised by Podpora rozvoje podnikání s.r.o. (Association for Enterprise Support Ltd.). This competition strives to help those who have an interesting entrepreneurial idea (whether it is still on paper or in its kick-off phase) with launching it on the market or helping with its subsequent development. Download the rules

5 reasons to enter the competition

  1. Each registered project will obtain individual feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and investors and thus you may receive valuable and necessary advice on your business plan. Every registered competitor will also receive 2 e-books donated by H1.cz Company.
  2. Regardless of the overall placement of your project in the competition, you can apply for an investment amounting up to €200 000. Due to our cooperation with more than 20 investors, the top ten projects will receive prize money and material prizes up amounting over €64 000.
  3. Success in the competition can noticeable and makes your project more visible toyour potential customers and business partners. The publicizing of the ten best projects may determine whether it will be you or someone else who will succeed on the market in the long run.
  4. By entering the competition you are concurrently entering a community full of other enterprising people and thus meeting significant investors, businessmen, journalists and other experts with whom you will have the opportunity for networking.
  5. Participating in the competition will not cost you any money – you can register free of charge.

Who is the competition intended for?

Anyone (students, the general public or entrepreneurs) can enter the “Vodafone Idea of the Year 2017” competition if they have already met or will meet the competition’s requirements for a business plan,  or have an idea for the enlargement of a company, or a project for investors. The project must not have been on the market for a period of time longer than two years. Anyone has a chance to succeed regardless of previous entrepreneurship experience. Application information.

What are the announced categories?

  • Vodafone Idea of the Year Award – the best registered project (main category)
  • Economist Student Entrepreneur Award – the student project with the biggest potential
  • Coolpad Startup of the Year Award - the best realized student project

What is there to win?

The winners of the three main categories and the winners of the ten best projects will be awarded cash prizes and material prizes reaching a total value of nearly €64 000. Regardless of the final placement of the project in the competition, each competitor can receive an investment amounting up to €200k for the launch of the project. Each competitor will also have the chance to obtain mentoring and advice from experienced entrepreneurs as well as from investors.


In case you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at info@napadroku.cz or on our Facebook.

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